by mommaofmonkeys

We kicked off our Pioneer unit with a trip to Coggeshall Farm Museum . We attended their “Breakfast on the Barnyard” event which they hold every Saturday morning throughout the Summer.

We fed chickens and turkeys some stale bread while they wandered around us. We learned that free range chickens do best with a rooster, a rooster actually lets out a distinguishably different noise if a predator (like a hawk) is around.

Bean got to open the gate on the sheep pen and let them out for the day, it was so funny to watch them jump as they ran past the crowd of people.

We also met their bull, cows, donkey and horse. None of their cows were in milk, and there were no babies but Bean fed the bull and the older two kids both got to brush him.

We also got to tour the house on the property, we were told that it was actually a renter farm. The farm is the only museum in RI that was not owned by a wealthy or important person. The house was able to be turned into a museum simply because it was never updated. No one wanted to live there, there are absolutely no modern amenities added. The guide said that the house was a stepping stone for families or groups of people, working their way up to owning their own farm.

These were our lovely guides that showed us around and made johnnycakes for us. The woman taught the kids how to play “graces” and how to roll the hoop on the ground as you run beside it.

It was amazing how many people that were there for school vacation, overheard me talking to a friend about the homeschooling classes they offer at the museum and came up saying that they are homeschoolers as well.


Our next outing for our Pioneer unit is Old Sturbridge Village in the beginning of May! ( I am such a geek that we went to OSV for our honeymoon) We are currently reading “Caddie Woodlawn”, and soon we will be digging into the “Little House” series!