Let me introduce myself and my family

by mommaofmonkeys

I am a mom of four, we are in our first year of our homeschooling adventure and we are busy people!

First let me introduce you to my kids, before we start on any adventures.

from left to right, Beanie, Cuddles, Mage and Monkey

hoping to keep some anonymity on the internet they chose the names they want to be called on our blog.

My eldest is Bean or Beanie, the youngest is Cuddlebug, (she always needs to be held), my eldest boy wants to be called Mage (he is a big video game fan) and my youngest boy is a crazy Monkey.

Sometimes we go on adventures, like to the zoo, and sometimes even staying at home can be an adventure……at least for me.

In fact today, we are going to check out some rabbits, the kids want to join 4H and do the rabbit shows, only problem is………….we don’t HAVE rabbits. We plan on fixing that sometime soon. Beanie seems really excited about working with animals, she claims she wants to be a vet when she grows up.

We will see.