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Month: April, 2012


We kicked off our Pioneer unit with a trip to Coggeshall Farm Museum . We attended their “Breakfast on the Barnyard” event which they hold every Saturday morning throughout the Summer.

We fed chickens and turkeys some stale bread while they wandered around us. We learned that free range chickens do best with a rooster, a rooster actually lets out a distinguishably different noise if a predator (like a hawk) is around.

Bean got to open the gate on the sheep pen and let them out for the day, it was so funny to watch them jump as they ran past the crowd of people.

We also met their bull, cows, donkey and horse. None of their cows were in milk, and there were no babies but Bean fed the bull and the older two kids both got to brush him.

We also got to tour the house on the property, we were told that it was actually a renter farm. The farm is the only museum in RI that was not owned by a wealthy or important person. The house was able to be turned into a museum simply because it was never updated. No one wanted to live there, there are absolutely no modern amenities added. The guide said that the house was a stepping stone for families or groups of people, working their way up to owning their own farm.

These were our lovely guides that showed us around and made johnnycakes for us. The woman taught the kids how to play “graces” and how to roll the hoop on the ground as you run beside it.

It was amazing how many people that were there for school vacation, overheard me talking to a friend about the homeschooling classes they offer at the museum and came up saying that they are homeschoolers as well.


Our next outing for our Pioneer unit is Old Sturbridge Village in the beginning of May! ( I am such a geek that we went to OSV for our honeymoon) We are currently reading “Caddie Woodlawn”, and soon we will be digging into the “Little House” series!



Why we choose to homeschool

I say “choose” because it is a constant decision. Every few months I ask the kids if they want to go back to school next year, and I review what we’ve been doing, and the progress that they have made.

The first reason that we made the initial decision is because public schools tend to be “one size fits all” and with clothes, sure it might technically fit, but it isn’t flattering in most cases. That is how I see the school system, yes, it provides the basics but it certainly is not tailored to the child.

Bean is reading and comprehending at a fourth or fifth grade level, she read the first two Harry Potter books over the Summer between first and second grade. However, she is at “grade level” for math. She used to tell me that she hated reading, it was so boring and she didn’t understand why she had to do it. Turns out the books she was reading at school were just far too easy for her, even in the “advanced” reading group.

Mage is great with math, but struggles a bit with reading.He also has a speech delay that occasionally effects his spelling and reading. He needs a little extra help in these areas.


We are also really active in the local home school community, going on play dates and various other activities. Mage plays tee-ball, Bean does theater and the younger two, well they are kind of too young for anything anyway.

I want my kids to grow up with self confidence, they are a product of my husband and myself, chances are they are going to be odd. My biggest goals for them, is for them to be comfortable in their own skin, and be a thoughtful, educated, knowledgeable, and wise person. I want them to know HOW. It is okay if you don’t know something, but know how to find out, knowledge and wisdom are different animals, knowledge is the possession of facts, wisdom is knowing how to use those facts and apply them to a new situation.

I do have a list of things that I want my children to know by the time they are adults, things like how to sew, how to cook, how to chop wood, how to change a tire, and a car’s oil. But it is a long list and food for another post. I hope I have given you some insight into our world.


Our trip to see our possible rabbits

Beanie and I went to meet a breeding pair of show rabbits today. Alice and Borris.

Alice is a broken sable point and Borris is a sable.



Here is a picture of Alice and her last litter, they were born last Easter.



Alice is a proven show winner, she has won one leg ( an award) and once she has won three she will be a “Grand Champion”


Let me introduce myself and my family

I am a mom of four, we are in our first year of our homeschooling adventure and we are busy people!

First let me introduce you to my kids, before we start on any adventures.

from left to right, Beanie, Cuddles, Mage and Monkey

hoping to keep some anonymity on the internet they chose the names they want to be called on our blog.

My eldest is Bean or Beanie, the youngest is Cuddlebug, (she always needs to be held), my eldest boy wants to be called Mage (he is a big video game fan) and my youngest boy is a crazy Monkey.

Sometimes we go on adventures, like to the zoo, and sometimes even staying at home can be an adventure……at least for me.

In fact today, we are going to check out some rabbits, the kids want to join 4H and do the rabbit shows, only problem is………….we don’t HAVE rabbits. We plan on fixing that sometime soon. Beanie seems really excited about working with animals, she claims she wants to be a vet when she grows up.

We will see.